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Stay safe on a night out

stay safe on a night out


Picture the scene: you’re on a night out with friends but your phone or wallet gets stolen. Devastated. You still try to enjoy the night, but you can’t stop thinking about the overseas calls/hefty credit card transactions being made at your expense, your friends feel guilty for enjoying the night because you’re not, and pretend they’re fine with buying ALL your drinks that night or lending you their phone so you can cancel your contract from the smoking area…. Far from ideal.

Here’s some tips on how to stay safe and have a better night out.

Before You Go Out

  1. Plan: how you're going to get home? With who? Have a contingency plan in case you get split up.

  2. Book a taxi journey there and preferably make arrangements for your return trip. Take their business card and write your address on it. Ring the number and read the address – fool proof!

  3. Don’t drink too much - yeah, right, we hear you say! But it makes sense: you don’t want the last thing you remember to be leaving the house, where’s the fun in that?

  4. If you have people you don’t know very well coming round for pre-drinks, like friends-of-friends-from-my-course, keep all valuables locked away.

  5. Go through your checklist with a friend: ID, cash, card (for emergencies), keys and phone. You could fit these basics in even the tiniest of clutch bags.

While You Are Out

  1. Never leave your drink unattended or accept drinks from a stranger. If a drink tastes unusual or smells odd do not drink it. Keep your thumb over your bottle neck between sips.

  2. Keep your possessions (mobiles/cameras) hidden in a secure bag or zipped pockets and not near sinks/toilets. Take care especially on the journey home.

  3. Don’t get too drunk – (we know, we know) but it’s easier to misplace things, judgement is impaired AND you’ll be an easy target.

  4. Don’t use a cash machine when off-campus and alone at night.

  5. Try not to draw attention to yourself by looking lost – go into a shop if you need directions.

  6. Don’t leave your bag on the floor in the toilets, someone could swipe it from under the door and your chances of running after them are pretty slim.

Getting Home

  1. Don't walk home alone. Stick to the main roads and try to avoid shortcuts and unlit areas.

  2. Be aware of what’s happening around you and don’t listen to your iPod on the way home.

  3. Use a taxi that is licensed and recommended by your university. You still have the business card, right?

  4. Always make sure you have enough money for a taxi home, don’t spend it on that last drink of the night. Keep an emergency fiver somewhere if you need to.

  5. When you get out of the taxi, always check the seat where you’ve been sitting – something precious could be left behind – especially if you’ve been flicking through your snap on your camera or smartphone during the journey.

  6. Remember to lock all doors behind you on your way in – it’s easy to forget.

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