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11 tips for Freshers' week

Freshers week tips

Get ready for the week of your life

Freshers’ week will probably be one of the most memorable weeks of your life. Although you may not actually remember a lot of it…

Below are a few handy tips to help you get through what is sure to be an exciting, fun filled, exhausting start to uni life:

  1. Fresh start.

    Be yourself. University is a chance to be completely true to yourself and express who you are as a person along with hundreds of other students. Smile and talk to everyone, these could be new life-long friends you are meeting.

  2. Research your chosen Degree before you get there.

    You may be required to already know a bit about certain aspects of the course, but it does help if you have taken the initiative to research your workload so it doesn’t come as a surprise. Why not read up about the University itself before landing? It will give you a heads up on where to go and who to talk to.

  3. Education is still important.

    Don’t completely neglect your studies amidst all the excitement and clubbing. You’re there for a Degree after all and despite it being a really big social leap for you, attending lectures and keeping up with work is essential. Deadlines at University are a lot more stringent than at College or Sixth Form so get in the habit of being prepared for them from the start and your first year will go by breezily!

  4. Skype is a must.

    Phone bills can be a killer of student budgets so invest in a cheap webcam (most laptops already have one built in) before going to University and you’ll save a lot of money through free Skype calls to friends or family.

  5. Homesickness is normal.

    Try not to let it take over during the first few weeks. Staying busy is a must and try not to call home every other hour. Soon you’ll find it hard to remember to call home with all the events and assignments piling up!

  6. Extra layers!

    Heating is money and the words ‘money’ and ‘student’ are rarely found optimistically in a sentence. Layer up instead of turning up the heating as a long term investment! If you are in a house where the utilities are all-inclusive, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t leave the heating on full blast as many landlords will charge you if you are way above what you should be in a surprise meter reading.

  7. Respect people you live with.

    There’s bound to be personality clashes and the eventual disputes over who didn’t put away the Pot Noodle and who was merrily singing Gangnam Style at four in the morning. Everyone in your halls/house has as much right to be there as you, and mutual respect goes a long way. Contribute money or food if you have a communal system and change the bin once in a while. (And keep any Gangnam Styling down to a minimum near deadlines or exams).

  8. Teams, societies or clubs.

    They are a great way to meet people and can even help spice up your CV! In Freshers’ Week you are bound to have a Fayre of some kind introducing you to all the societies that are available and you are encouraged to sign up to as many as you physically can. Some can actually help you during your Degree, for example a University Newspaper for any journalism/media students while others are just plain, simple fun. You even have the option to create your own!

  9. Insure everything that is important to you.

    Your phone, laptop, iPod and any other valuables aren’t easily replaced on a student budget so insure your equipment beforehand and sleep easy.

  10. Part time jobs.

    Having a part time job is helpful not only financially for Freshers but also to make you feel truly settled into the area you have moved to. Start applying before you get there and you may have an interview during your first week and a contracted part time job within a fortnight. The extra money will be greatly appreciated as well as adding another tick to your CV as a student who supported themselves!
  11. Say YES to everything!

    (Well, nearly everything. Anything dangerous or illegal is a no go). Freshers’ week throws loads of activities, events and clubs at you so there’s really no excuse for having a spare moment during your first seven days. You should be out every night, whether it’s a club social event or a group gathering at your student bar, and up every morning ready for another day of constant meeting and greeting. Just make sure to have a drawer full of medicine to conquer the dreaded Fresher’s Flu at the end. Have fun!

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