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10 gadgets to take to university

gadgets to take to uni

To make student life easier

  1. An alarm clock

    To get you out of bed for early lectures and exams! One of the perks of being at university is a lot more sleep, but the late nights and lie-ins can throw your body clock out of whack. So you’ll need that extra bit of help when you find yourself having to get up for a 9am exam!

  2. A laptop/desktop/tablet

    You’ll find you won’t need all three. A laptop or a tablet is great for transportability and taking to lectures, plus university computer rooms have desktops and the software that you’ll need for your coursework to save you having to buy one.

  3. Smartphone

    Over and above the normal functionality that means we all love our smartphones SO much, smartphones are great to have at uni because you can take pictures of lecture notes, get apps for making uni life easier, like Ooh La La and of course the traditional swapping numbers with new found friends. Just remember to put it on silent in lectures.

  4. An mp3 player

    If you don’t have music on your phone, this is a must for walking to and from lectures, the gym and of course those long train rides to and from uni for the holidays.

  5. A docking station

    Pop your mp3 player into it and suddenly you’ve got a party on your hands!

  6. Memory stick

    Great for group projects or for swapping between your personal computer and the university computers.

  7. External hard drive

    You’ll need this to store all your music, movies and TV shows you’ll be watching when you aren’t at lectures (and in reading week). It’s also a must for your all-important university work so if anything does happen to your laptop then at least you’ve still got your work! They aren’t hugely cheap but it’s a solid uni-long investment.

  8. HDMI cable

    Link up your laptop to the communal TV and stream movies or session a series?! Perfect for hangovers (but of course, many more occasions too…).

  9. Printer

    OK, it’s not essential, but a very ‘nice to have’ gadget while you’re at uni. Most of the time you could probably make do with the library’s printer, but picture this: it’s 10 minutes before the deadline and you’re running round the library trying to find a spare computer so you can print your essay, then you discover you’ve run out of printer credits and the print queue is huge… suddenly your own printer doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! Prices start from around £30 for printers now, so they aren’t the extravagance they used to be!

  10. Food processor

    Because uni life is too short to chop! They start off really cheaply, at around £40 for a decent basic one and they make cooking a doddle. It will come in handy for the big house meals. The only downside is keeping them clean…

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