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How to do Amsterdam on a budget


Travelling doesn't have to cost the earth

One of the biggest downfalls about student life I feel is the constant lack of money. You try your best to save up as much as you can, but you want to be able to enjoy going out and having fun. The work load can get on top of you quite a lot sometimes and there’s a lot of added stress of learning to fend for yourself. Sometimes you just feel like you need to get away for a few days, let loose and relax, and what better way to do so than a short trip away. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘money, money, money’, but it is possible on a very small budget, and from personal experience I definitely would recommend Amsterdam.

I’ve been to this lovely city twice now, with another trip booked for later this year and feel it is just a perfect get away for students.

It’s a beautiful place full of so much culture and lovely sights to see. Whether you want to stroll around the canals, take a look inside the palace, visit the museums and art galleries or take a ride on the vintage bikes to the markets, there really is something for everyone.

Of course I must mention the risqué part of the Amsterdam, the red light district. It is most definitely a must see attraction, if not now then at some point in your life! It’s a completely different world and something you cannot explain afterwards. It's particularly fun going down there after a few drinks with your friends and stumbling into some of the shops along the canal, you can come across the most bizarre and outrageous things, but I won’t say anymore about that!

There are also many other great places to go such as Madam Tussards, Anne Frank’s house and depending on the time of year there is also an outdoor ice rink!

So hopefully by now you should be convinced to go, so here’s how you do it on a budget.

EasyJet are always a great choice for cheap flights, just do a simple search from your nearest airport and there should be something that suits you. Also if you choose to go earlier in the year the flights are pretty reasonably priced, I managed to get a return flight for just over £40, awesome!

When you look for somewhere to stay there are tonnes of youth hostels to pick from, which I know doesn’t sound very appealing but honestly they are great and really handy. Bob’s Youth Hostel is a favourite of mine, it is in a great location near the town centre and just a short walk from the train station. The staff are friendly and helpful, they are great with security and safety and have a really chilled atmosphere. Breakfast is included in the price every morning and they let you bring in your own food and have a microwave you can use so you don’t have to worry about eating out every night! They offer separate female and male dorms as well as private rooms and prices start from 10 Euros a night!

Overall my trip cost me little over £80, not including spending money, but that will really depend on what you want to do whilst you’re there.

I cannot big up this place enough, it is perfect for students with so much to see and do and a great night life with tons of bars and clubs, and if you’re not into that then there are plenty of other things to enjoy!

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